The concept of the Zamarr Institute was born in 1991 to promote excellence in educational and training opportunities for exceptional children when the founder returned to Nigeria from studying abroad. It had always been her idea to establish a centre of high standard like she had seen in the United States and the United Kingdom. The dream was now realized in 2006 when she felt the need for such a centres was paramount.

The Zamarr Institute oorganized for representatives from the Federal Ministry of Education and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs to attend the 2ND WORLD AUTISM CONGRESS IN CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA.

The Zamarr Institute began with awareness workshops advocating the importance of early diagnosis and intervention for children with special needs to lead fulfilling lives. It has grown from a conceived thought to serving numerous challenged children and their families through a special school, classroom support in regular schools , home therapy among other programs. The Zamarr Institute’s tradition of friendship and love in caring for developmentally challenged children and young adults continues today.