TZI Training Academy will deliver a tailored in-house training in Autism to various organizations, local education authorities, social services, practitioners and professionals across Nigeria. The Academy will also collaborate with universities and institutes of higher education on courses leading to recognized qualifications. The aim of the training academy is to improve the quality of care for people with autism.

The faculty and staff exchange program is intended to facilitate the enhancement of individual skills, provide options for professional services, and encourage broader interaction among departments within the organization.

For an administrator it is an opportunity to get a better understanding of working practices at hosting institution. It is an outstanding opportunity to exchange information about administrative organization: structure, documentation, priorities, projects and new technologies of project management.

A world class facility for children living with Special Needs. This building is projected to cater for 100 children and provide assisted living (boarding facilities) for 30 students. We would like to state that this world class cent re will be the first of its kind in Nigeria and will expand access for diagnosis and to quality education for children with special education needs in Nigeria in conformity with the global standards. This will lend support to government’s initiatives in this regard and help promote the right of every Nigerian child to quality education.

The opening of The Zamarr Institute Learning Ability Center will be in 2014.

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