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Our Method

While the Zamarr Institute’s students have learning, behavioural and developmental disabilities, the organisation has a subset of students with multiple sensory needs and Autism. The students benefit from an individualized, structured teaching enviroment and curriculum.

Structure is very important. We have to approach the child’s learning and program systematically and our Parents are always fully involved.  It is a partnership and they need to know what we are working on and why.

The Institute incorporates two basic programs, the Individual Program and ASAP – (Linda Herbert SA) which sets the foundation for our educational models.

An Individual Program sets focus and clear limits and we enforce them keenly! We need to prioritise so that we can see ongoing progress.

ASAP focus on integrating numerous intervention approaches that address the relevant challenges of a specific child and tailor their use to optimize the therapy efficiency. No single approach is used but a combination – a cocktail approach.

The Zamarr Institute fuses two educational models:

1). ABA, the principal of Applied Behavioural Approach
2). The TEACCH approach, used to educate students in a structured learning environment.

In The Zamarr Institute the programs serve students ages 2 to 28.