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What we do

1 on 1

Every child has a learning method that suits his/her special needs; 1 on 1 enables a therapist to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that will meet the child’s specific needs. This method allows the use of various therapies on an individual level like speech, behavioural intervention, self help, sorting, stacking, Lego’s, puzzles, lacing, and many more. This is one of the best ways to encourage and develop a child’s full potential in life.

Group class

Children are taught to interact and socialize through sing-a-long rhymes, group activities such as story time and identification of farm animals in a fun way using sound imitations. They also learn turn taking; color identification and letter sounds.

Sensory Room

This is a cool visual relaxing room furnished with multi sensory resources that develop the various senses like tactile, sound, and visual in a child on the spectrum. Sensory integration promotes social relations with the immediate environment.

Circle Time

Circle time encourages social interaction amongst the children and the therapists. A time for self awareness through body parts identification, greeting one another and interactive games.

Outdoor Activities

The children are engaged in outdoor activities to develop gross motor skills, body balance and gait, and to build muscle tone. Most activities would include swinging, jumping, walk on tires, swimming, ball throw, bare walk and much more.