It was a fun-filled Summer Camp organized by ZENOBIA KIDS in collaboration with The Zamarr Institute for children in Abuja at The Zamarr Institute Centre. Amongst the children who participated in the summer camp were some with special needs. The children with special needs were cared for by some staff of The Zamarr Institute.

Out of love for children, the Management of ZENOBIA KIDS and The Zamarr Institute embarked on this one month’s journey to impact on children positively with extra curriculum activities and skills to enable them tap into their potential during the summer holiday.

In order to achieve this, instructors and tutors in various fields were also sourced to impact knowledge and skills onto the participants. All these would not have been possible without the support of The Zamarr Institute and ZOCHUX Consults. The collaboration of The Zamarr Institute and ZOCHUX Consults contributed in no small measure to the success the Summer Camp recorded. All the organizations believed in a collective dream, same vision and shared the same passion for children.

The kids had so much fun during the camp as they participated in Taekwondo and other games. They also had so much fun during the cooking class as they joined hands to bake a cup cake.

There was so much fun that the children did not want the camp to end. A play date party for the participants was held at the end of the Summer Camp. The children displayed some of the dancing and Taekwondo moves they learnt during the Summer Camp. All the teachers and children danced, ate and had fun together. It was a fulfilling and interesting camping activity.