b2This year’s St. Valentine’s day also known as lovers’ day has come and gone but warm memories of its celebration at The Zamarr Institute will linger for a while. In response to our call to share love with children living with autism, we had a number of guests at the centre. With the staff in red, the children in pink/red and colourful decorations put up, the centre looked really inviting.

There were lots to eat and drink with a 16-inch cake from Gogzee cakes and assorted treats from our parents. Guests started to arrive at 1pm- each one was given a tour of the centre, a short lecture on autism in Nigeria and also allowed to participate in ongoing activities  with the children. The high point of the day was having members of Vox1- a group of media personalities working together for various causes- at the centre. They spent time with the children in their classes, took pictures and asked lots of questions which were responded to by therapists. The day lived up to its promise as we shared our love and received in return. The older children were visibly excited with the cake and attention from guests. A couple of guests came bearing gifts for the kids and each guest was given a handmade card and a rose on behalf of the children.