P1040667Village Talks, a project on sensitizing the rural dwellers on the need for early intervention and to know the signs of Autism was held at Idu Karmo (a community within Abuja environs) on Thursday, 21st October, 2010. The program commenced at 1:00pm with the arrival of participants in the community to the venue at LEA Primary School, Karmo Sabo; which comprised of teachers, youths and most importantly carers.

The facilitator commenced with the presentation discussing the following areas; Autism, Autism myths, signs of Autism, other related learning disability, how to help a child living with autism and finally information about the organizers of the project. Questions were entertained by the facilitator who was most glad to explain further and clarify most misconceptions on autism.

Most of the participants were hearing about autism for the first time and some admitted that they may have mishandled a child or two possibly living with autism or related learning disabilities out of ignorance.

The program came to an end around 3:00pm with discussions and light refreshments; the participants expressed their gratitude and hoped that such projects will continue.